Welcome to Gladiator Sports!

In 2009 Gladiator Sports partnered with Shibumi Sports to sign and market potential NBA draft candidates and WNBA players.


For our players who choose to compete in the top leagues in the USA (NBA D-League), Europe, South America or Asia, Gladiator looks to meet our clients needs. We discuss with our players what they wish to gain from their experience overseas; whether it be a desire to play in one of the more competitive European leagues and improve their game by competing against the best international players, or if they just want to have an experience of a lifetime by living abroad while playing hoops. Gladiator Sports formulates a plan consistent with our client's needs and wishes, and we work to find that ideal situation.


We do months of work promoting our players and marketing their abilities and skills they have to offer. After finding a proper team in an environment conducive to the player's needs, Gladiator will negotiate a contract that maximizes their earning potential and secures a safe and comfortable living atmosphere.


Team Shibumi/Gladiator congratulates Austin Witter on being selected in the 2014 NBA D-League Draft by the Rio Grande Valley Vipers.